5 strange stories about people coming back from the dead

These people were declared dead, some were already mourning, and this strange mistake almost cost them their lives.

These stories are not taken from the novel by Stephen King, but are real life stories that have happened to people from all over the world. They were declared dead by mistake, but returned to the surprise of everyone around them.

  1. Grandmother, “who returned from the dead to cook dinner

A Chinese woman named Liu Xuefeng was declared dead after her body was found in the bedroom without any signs of life and a visible wound on her head. They put her in a coffin in the house, but fortunately for her, the coffin was not sealed. After 6 days the grandmother wakes up and rises from the coffin. Her family has already organized a funeral and a wake.

The day before the funeral, her friends and family gathered at her house, but found that the coffin was empty. After a strange search for the body, they found their grandmother in the kitchen, preparing dinner. She could not understand why they were so shocked to see her, and then explained that she had woken up from a long sleep. She was starving, so she decided to make something to eat.

  1. The prostitute died when she worked

A prostitute from Zimbabwe died in a hotel room during sex with a client. After she collapsed, her frightened client called the police, but, to everyone’s surprise, she returned from the dead when they put her body in a metal coffin. She woke up, screaming: “You want to kill me!” Horrible employees and guests of the hotel, gathered to watch the scene unfold, panic, and another prostitute accompanies the whirring of a prostitute.

  1. She woke up after three days in the morgue

This is the most incredible story of all. A 61-year-old woman from Russia was declared dead more than once, but twice, but she was never dead. Lyudmila Steblitskaya was taken to the hospital after the illness, and when her daughter and granddaughter came to her, the hospital staff informed them that she had passed away. The daughter of the mourners began preparing for the funeral and spent 1,330 euros on flowers and other preparations. She went to the hospital morgue to take the mother’s body, but the doctors told her to wait a bit, because they had not yet done the autopsy.

Then a frightened doctor approached her and said that her mother was alive and breathing. She rushed into the room and heard her mother calling her. She could not remember what happened, she just felt bad and went to the hospital. She spent three days in an icy cold morgue, while her family was in mourning. She woke up when the coroners prepared her for an autopsy, and her skin was already peeling off the frost. The doctor, who was a witness of the whole test, asked for a month’s sick leave. A year after the unfortunate event, Lyudmila, suffering from heart problems, survived another incident when she was declared dead. This time the doctors knew better, and a few hours later woke her from a deep unconsciousness.

  1. Baby woke up in the coffin

A two-year-old boy from Brazil woke up in an open coffin, sat down and asked for a glass of water, after which he lay, leaning back, looking lifeless. In a story that seems too incredible to be true, Kevin Santos stopped breathing as a result of complications from severe pneumonia. He allegedly died in a hospital in northern Brazil at 7:40 pm, and his body was wrapped in a sack and released to his parents. Parents organized an awakening, and the funeral was scheduled for the next day. One hour before the funeral, Kevin woke up and said: “Daddy, I want water.”

Everyone started screaming and could not believe their eyes, but Kevin lied again. They rushed to the hospital, but the doctors examined the boy and said that he had no signs of life. The family decided to postpone the funeral, but the boy no longer woke up, so he was buried.

  1. She woke up at her own funeral and died of a heart attack

49-year-old Fagil Mukhametzyanov was declared dead by mistake of doctors. At her funeral, a miracle happened – the deceased opened his eyes. But the scene of her own funeral and the simple thought of being buried alive, probably too much, so she started screaming like everyone else. They rushed to the hospital, but the doctors could not help her, she died of a heart attack.

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