5 bad habits that worsen the condition of the thyroid gland

According to the American Thyroid Association, more than 12% of the US population will develop a certain form of thyroid disease throughout life. The effects of such a disease can be very common, disturbing sleep, mood, metabolism and memory.

All this is believed that the thyroid disease should not be a black cloud hanging over your head. With careful planning and changing lifestyle, you can manage your condition.

Today we are going to focus on 5 habits, who should have the condition of the thyroid gland as soon as possible.
Habit # 1 – Obstacle to stress

One study, published in the journal Behavioral Brain Research, reports that stress and thyroid status can be combined, causing symptoms such as memory impairment.

According to EverydayHealth.com, this is due to how stress suppresses the thyroid and its hormonal secretion – which are already being attacked in patients with a form of thyroid disease.

This, in a nutshell, is why you absolutely have to take care of stress when you are suffering from such a condition. Look at this post for a few ideas aimed at alleviating stress.

Habit # 2 – Smoking

In 1995, researchers found that smoking increases the severity of problems with the thyroid gland. This is largely due to the presence of cyanide in tobacco smoke. Cyanide is an anti-thyroid medication that stops the glands from synthesizing hormones that bind to their receptors.

This can damage your liver, among other organs.

Of course, quitting smoking cigarettes is not an easy feat. Fortunately, nature has several compounds that can help. Check this message to find out about using stevia leaves to reduce cravings.

Habit # 3 – Using soy

Everyone should stop eating soy – especially people with thyroid status. According to Dr. Merkola, soy contains a number of components that adversely affect the butterfly-shaped gland. These include goitrogens, which prevent the synthesis of thyroid hormones and the metabolism of iodine.

Soy also suppresses the effectiveness of various types of thyroid treatment.

Habit # 4 – Excessive consumption of raw cruciferous vegetables

According to the University of Oregon, high intake of vegetables, such as cabbage and turnips, can disrupt thyroid function in people with iodine deficiency. It’s all because of glucosinolates in such vegetables that the human body turns into goitrin – a compound that interferes with the secretion of hormones.

Now you can still eat cruciferous vegetables – just calm down.

Habit # 5 – How to avoid entry by a health professional

I understand: life is busy, and to see how a doctor is not always pleasant. But if you have a form of thyroid disease, you must remember that your condition can cause serious damage if it is not treated properly.

Seek help from a registered naturopath or dietitian who can personally take a look at your condition and make recommendations.

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