30 signs that you need to immediately redirect your hormones (almost everyone gets from it)

In our time, hormonal imbalance is an epidemic. When we talk about them, we would like you to think about the symphony, because they all interact and when someone breaks down, others follow quickly.

There are many things that can cause an imbalance in our sex hormones; However, this can be fixed without meds.

Women suffer from mood swings caused by PMS (premenstrual syndrome), puberty and peri-menopause, as well as menstrual cramps, menopause and mental anxiety. During the aging process, the level of sex hormones drops to 90%, but the suffering of the reproductive cycle is not needed. This is manifested due to bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, using high-carbohydrate, refined carbohydrates, dairy products, gluten, and not physical exercise, exposure to environmental toxins and chronic stress.

It is absurd to think that 75% of women have a design flaw that gives them PMS and requires medical treatment. A strained and self-fulfilling prophecy is to think that a woman needs to contract, deplete and lose her sexual, physical and emotional vitality. There are endless examples of balance and prosperity at any age. Prosperity is possible at any age, and this does not always have to happen because of the pill.

Symptoms of menopause, PMS and other problems are a sign of imbalance of sex hormones and are not the result of mutant genes that destroy our sexual vitality as we age. These symptoms are treatable, so if you restore your sex hormones in balance, these problems will disappear.

Instead of going to the doctor and talking about hormonal replacement, you need to find out what causes the symptoms. If you find that you really need hormones, you will need to find a way to replace them. You must treat the underlying problem, and it is where functional medicine comes in. With it, you will treat the cause, create a balance, and the symptoms will improve. Most women live a life that is completely out of balance, and many symptoms are perceived as “normal”, but in fact they represent a hormonal imbalance.

Are you struggling with sex hormones that are out of balance?

There is a self-evaluation quiz every woman should try if they suspect that their sex hormones are not in order:

  • I have swelling, swelling, swelling, water retention
  • I have monthly weight fluctuations;
  • I have premenstrual syndrome;
  • I have a tender, enlarged chest;
  • I have mood swings;
  • I have a headache;
  • I feel bloated;
  • I have premenstrual food products (especially sugar and salt);
  • I have a breakdown, joint or muscle pain;
  • I can not cope with the usual requirements;
  • I am depressed;
  • I have premenstrual migraines;
  • I use birth control pills and other hormones;
  • I’m barren;
  • I have irregular cycles, severe or mild bleeding;
  • I have peri-menopause symptoms, such as mood swings, headaches, hot flashes, irregular cycles, breast tenderness, fluid retention, heavy bleeding, fog, dry vagina, muscle and joint pain, weight gain, sex drive);
  • I have a uterine myoma;
  • I have a family history of breast, ovarian or uterine cancer;
  • I have chest cysts or lumps or fibrocystic breast;
  • I lost my sexual attraction;
  • I have insomnia;
  • I have night sweats;
  • I feel anxious;
  • I have hot flashes;
  • I have hair on my face;
  • I have bloating or weight gain in the middle part of the body;
  • I have problems with memory and concentration;
  • I have heart palpitations;
  • I was exposed to heavy metals or pesticides (in water, food, air);
  • I have dry skin, hair and / or vagina.

These are estimates. Add 1 point each time you answered yes.

0-9 – you probably have an imbalance of the soft sex hormone.

10-14 – you probably have a moderate imbalance of sex hormones.

15 or more – you probably have a serious imbalance of the sex hormone.

Once you have determined the severity of the imbalance, let’s see what you can do to treat the symptoms.

Reset button 1 – the right diet

Diet is the main nucleus, which will help balance the sex hormones. First of all, you remove all the bad things, such as sugar, stress, alcohol, caffeine, and you will have to start playing sports. Bad food causes hormonal imbalance, so if you eat sugar, you will produce more insulin, estrogen and testosterone. Such inflammation can be caused by any type of flour and sugar. In addition, inflammation and hormonal imbalances are caused by dairy products and gluten, xenobiotics or environmental chemicals, such as pesticides in our food. The dairy industry is the biggest trigger, because in milk there is a hormone due to added antibiotics, even organic milk can have them if the cows inject them. There are more than 60 hormones that contribute to imbalance due to consumption of dairy products. So, you should try to exclude dairy products and gluten from your diet.

Once you remove the bad things, start consuming good things, such as a one-piece, real, unprocessed, organic, vegetable diet with organic or sustainably grown products of animal origin. Thus, you will reduce the consumption of xenoestrogens, hormones and antibiotics. You should also drink filtered water. Consume foods with a balance of hormones, such as flaxseed, cruciferous vegetables, good fats, traditional organic, non-GMO whole soy products (tofu, tempe, miso, natto and edamame). Add 1-2 tablespoons fresh flaxseed to your daily diet. Eat fish oil oil for additional vitamin D and B, in addition to good multivitamins and minerals with magnesium and calcium, take vitamin E, resveratol, curcumin, selenium, green tea, n-acetylcysteine ​​and omega-6. Exercises (run, walk, train, dance), reduce stress (meditation, yoga, therapy, tapping), sleep well, reduce or eliminate alcohol.

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