3 keys for optimal digestion

Digestion is one of the biggest processes in your body. In fact, digestion takes up to 80% of the total energy of your body. Digestion includes everything from digesting the food that you eat to making sure that the nutrients that you eat get to where they should be, to clean up toxins, to get rid of waste. It’s a whole day, every day. The problem is that most of us do not know how to keep our digestion healthy, so most of us suffer from less optimal digestion and even digestive problems. Acid reflux, upset stomach gastric upset and constipation are all signs of your digestive system is struggling and definitely not working optimally.

By following these 3 keys for optimal digestion, you can solve the current digestive problems or simply increase the overall digestive capacity. When you do this, you will see that your energy levels are rising, your health is increasing, and you will start to feel alive again!

3 keys for optimal digestion

# 1 Eat in harmony with the natural digestive cycles

Our body has natural digestive cycles. This cycle guarantees optimal digestion. When we pay attention and eat with these cycles, we help maintain cycles of nature in the cycle. Our natural digestive cycle works for optimal energy with the least amount of waste and toxins. This cycle makes you, of course, a little hungry about 1-2 hours after the rise, very hungry in the middle of the day, when you allocate more energy and a little hungry in the early evening, 3-4 hours before you go to bed. Many people eat their biggest meal at the end of the day, or even make breakfast a pretty great meal. This is contrary to your natural digestion. When you go against this natural flow, your ability to digest and fully utilize all the nutrients that you eat, with virtually no toxins or waste left inside your body, is inhibited and your health suffers everywhere.

# 2 Skipping meals and overeating

Many of us try to control our natural cycle of hunger because of the fear of overeating too much, gaining too much weight or not reaching our health goals in any other way. Many times we will skip meals, only to later eat at the next meal, because we are so hungry. Sometimes skipping meals is not entirely intentional. Busy days often leave us without breakfast or hovering for lunch, continuing to work. This puts the body in a state of constant “starvation.” When you do not eat, when your body tells you, it suggests that you can not and that nutrients are inaccessible. The next time your body eats, it is still in this mode, so it will store everything in case the hunger is around the corner again. This causes all kinds of health problems from undermining your energy before increasing your weight. Behind the meal there may be back problems. As we said earlier, 80% of all your energy is associated with a normal digestive process. When you overload this system and ask it to spend even more energy on a large, complex meal, your body consumes energy from other vital processes to meet demand. This can lead to deterioration of other important body processes. Returning to the key number 1, it is important to listen to your body and eat when he asks you about it.

# 3 Give your digestion a break

Because your digestive system is in constant demand, the healthiest approach is to allow your digestion to rest sometimes. This can be done with a simple 24-hour period of freshly squeezed juice. The idea is to make all your fresh vegetables and fruit juices and allow your digestion to completely relax. It makes a good day to allow your body to rest and take a break and maybe even participate in any mediation or other form of spiritual or relaxing practice. Giving your digestive fracture allows your body to channel energy into other necessary areas, such as treatment or cleansing, and allows your digestive system to completely purify and repair itself.

By implementing these 3 keys for optimal digestion in your diet, you will increase your overall health and vitality at each level. Since digestion is so important, we perform a 3-day digestion dump in the first 3 days of cleansing the raw skin. This allows your digestion to rest and recover, so that it functions at the highest level throughout your purification.

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