20 reasons to keep coconut oil in your bathroom

Coconut oil is becoming quite popular these days, and it seems that for this popularity there is more than one good reason.

It’s good to know that coconut oil is not useful only in the kitchen, and so we created a list of situations in which you can use coconut oil.

20 reasons to keep coconut oil in your bathroom

1. Cleanse the face. Specialists-cosmetologists know this procedure as cleaning oil, and it has many advantages. Although this may sound a little strange, but oil can help your efforts to cleanse your face. Once you’re done, your skin will be soft and attractive.

2. Extraction of oil. Do you use coconut oil for this purpose? Extraction of oil is an old technique for cleaning the oral cavity of bacteria. You should start with this procedure. Just whistle a teaspoon of coconut oil and whistle for about 10 minutes.

Of course, if you feel you can do it, spend 20 minutes. Remember that this can be difficult at first, but in the end you will learn to wave well for a long time.

3. Keep your feet smooth. Coconut oil should be part of your shaving procedure. If you want to get soft and smooth legs, massage your feet with a little bit of this oil just before you start shaving your legs.

4. Healthy hair. Coconut oil prevents protein loss when you use it as a post or pre-treatment. Use ½ tablespoons of this oil to the roots and slowly spread it to the tips for a better pretreatment. Leave the oil for about an hour before rinse the hair with warm water.

5. Burn and drink the cream. Coconut oil proved to be very effective in cases of burns and rashes. A small amount of coconut oil will reduce or even completely remove the diaper.

6. Natural skin moisturizer. This oil will help you reduce the visibility of stretch marks, scars and prevent the appearance of sagging skin.

7. Tame your curly hair. If you are in a hurry and you want to tame curly hair, use some coconut oil. Apply it to the ends not on the roots. Keep in mind that you only need a small amount of coconut oil. Excessive use of this oil will make your hair greasy.

8. Remove the makeup from the eyes. Another advantage of using coconut oil lies in its ability to smoothly remove eye makeup. Wash your face thoroughly and use coconut oil after this. This completely eliminates the rest of the eye makeup.

9. Rapid processing of the cuticle. Coconut oil is very useful for nails, too. Use it to massage the toenails and toenails on the fingers as much as possible to tame the coarse cuticles. Do this daily. Coconut oil has strong antifungal properties.

10. To remove the cradle cover on the child, just rub it in the head, leave for a couple of minutes and slowly rinse the area with a warm cloth.

11. To reduce the visibility of age spots when rubbed on the skin.

12. If you rub yourself directly on the lips, it acts like a natural stick.

13. Used together with an equal amount of sugar, coconut oil can be used as an effective body scrub. Use it in the bathroom.

14. Use your feet to ease the symptoms of the foot and fight the fungus.

15. As a lubricant that does not affect the flora of the vagina.

16. As a replacement for lanolin cream on the nipples, to alleviate irritation and the baby will love it too!

17. Use it as a perfectly natural deodorant.

18. If you regularly use it, it will help you get rid of cellulite.

19. Rub your elbows daily to prevent the appearance of dry elbows.

20. Use it alone or together with baking soda as a toothpaste with whitening effects.

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