15 rules of etiquette, which everyone should know

Tiket, or good manners, in fact depict the correct and polite behavior. However, many believe that this protocol is unrealistic. Nevertheless, the principles of elitists follow fairly simple, and their code includes proper speech and vocabulary, common courtesy, restraining emotions and a neat and clean appearance.

This article will list and explain the 15 most important rules of etiquette, which every person should follow.

1. If you are walking with another person and he / she greets someone with the help of Hello, you should also say “Hello”, even if you do not know people.

2. When you go out, you should not keep the smartphone tablet on the table, as this indicates that the meeting itself is more important, and people think that you are bored. If you continue to look at it or check your Facebook account, they will be offended.

3. Although most people think that sushi should be eaten with chopsticks, men can eat it with their hands.

4. You should not ask a woman if you intend to call or write to someone all night.

5. Whenever you receive their help, you should thank people to express appreciation. Also, do not take their help for granted.

6. Men can take a woman’s coat and leave it in the wardrobe, but they should never carry her bag.

7. Do not spend too much time on an empty phone conversation. If you need to spend some time with your friends, go out and meet them personally.

8. You should never look at other people, because it’s very rude. Also, do not laugh and do not speak too loudly.

9. Car drivers should be aware of the bad consequences of sprinkling pedestrians with water.

10. In a movie theater, in a concert hall or in a theater, sit in your seat, facing the seated.

11. If you apologize and your apologies are accepted, make sure that you do not repeat the same incident again.

12. Polite men show great respect for any woman.

13. You must keep in secret exactly nine things: rite, religion, medical issues, gifts, family quarrels, wealth, deeds, honor and disgrace.

14. Fashion is really important, but you should never be the only one who follows the trend, because you can look ridiculous, even if you consider yourself to be fashionable.

15. You should welcome everyone when you enter the room, regardless of your status, age or profession.

The purpose of such rules is to make the world a better place. Sometimes the acquisition of these good manners can be difficult or it may take some time, but be patient and master them to perfection. This will be a great feature of your personality.

Remember, good manners never go out of fashion.

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