10 Simple Ayurvedic Tips for Preventing Disease

The word Ayurveda can be very intimidating for the first time. But the truth is that Ayurvedic wisdom can be understood, perceived and enjoyed by all. Just by adding a few daily rituals to your routine, you can start to prevent multiple diseases right now and stay healthy. Here are 10 simple Ayurvedic tips to avoid illness and stay healthy all your life!

Ayurvedic tips to avoid illness

1. Drink water in the morning.

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2. Eat Moderately

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3. Give a gap between meals.

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4. Take the oil once a week

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5. Do it regularly

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6. Eat with the world

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7. Follow a diet that fits your body

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8. Avoid cold water

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9. Understand your body

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10. Follow the A Set Routine

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